"BigBlues FOR Little Bill"

A tribute to the music of Little Bill Engelhart!

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1. "Step Right Up," Polly O'Keary & the Rhythm Method play music

6. "Thangs Gone Be," Blues Vespers All Star Band

11. "What It Shall Be," Alice Stuart

2. "When I First Get Up," Bump Kitchenm

7. "Cute," Rod Cook & Toast

12. "Sweet Cucumber," Jr. Cadillac

3. "Another Rainy Day," The Randy Oxford Band, Patti Allen on vocals m

8. "Wine & Whiskey," Dick Powell & the Billy stapleton Band

13. "Simply Over," Eric Madis and Blue Madness

4. "What I'm doin' Wrong," Duffy Bishopm

9. "Better Things To Do," Merrilee Rush

14. "Never Been to Mississippi," Mark Whitman & The Billy Stapleton Band

5. "Texas," Billy Roy Danger & the Rectifiers

10. "Comin' Home Again," Henry Cooper

15. "I Love an Angle," Heather mueller with Little Bill & the Blue Notes music from Heather

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Proceeds from the sale of this CD benefit the Dystonia Foundation. Please make your check out to "The South Sound Blues Association/ Dystonia Foundation." Hear some of the songs on this CD.

OR -- Please mail payment ($20) with your address to:

Oxford Entertainment
P.O. Box 232
Eatonville, WA 98328

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