"Little Bill" Englehart

When you think of Blues Musicians in the Northwest, one of the first names that comes to mind is "Little Bill" Englehart. After all, he has been a fixture on the music scene here since he first started playing in the mid fifties. He's managed to survive the excesses of the sixties, the disco of the seventies, the urban cowboys and the techno pop of the eighties and in the process has become one of the premier players out there today. In fact Bill has become somewhat of a Blues "Icon" who's looked up to by younger musicians and seasoned veterans alike as someone that's been there and paid the dues. In addition to all of the above Bill is a consummate professional, believing that he owes each and every one of his audiences no matter how large or how small the absolute best performance that he can give.

"Little Bill" Engelhart is the founder and front man for the Blue Notes - one of the first Northwest rhythm and blues groups and a contemporary of The Fleetwoods, The Ventures, Sonics and Frantics.  In his career that spans over 50 years, Bill has played nearly every club and concert hall in the Northwest, including such legendary venues as Parkers Ballroom,The Aquarius, The Spanish Castle, and Lake Hills Roller Rink.

Bill's influences are reflected in the songs he chooses to sing, as well as his many original compositions. As for his voice, Paul de' Barros of Downbeat Magazine described it as "...raw, rough and plain, with a wry twist that comes right out of too many nights on the road, a little like Joe Tex, with some Ray Charles thrown in, and further back, some kind of sad, low moan from the country."


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