Duffy Bishop
Duffy Bishop has been a Rocking R&B Belter since Hector was a pup. She'll go join the Circus at the drop of a hat, though, performing under a tent in the Austro-Hungarian Empire for months at a time. One day she'll take on the role of Dr. Frankenfurter in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' at Seattle's Empty Space, the next day she'll be singing in a Tavern Opera at the Eastlake Zoo with a bunch of Guitar Outlaws. She's the woman of 1,000 faces. Sometimes you won't even recognize her at one of her shows - until she sings, and then you know it could't be anyone but Duffy. Yes, there are the inevitable comparisons to Janis (Duffy starred in a successful Seattle production of a play of the same name), Dusty, Bette and Carmen Miranda, but the comparisons don't tell the tale. Besides the voice, the energy and the showmanship, there's the heart and the passion that make her pure Duffy.

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